Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Worth No Sleep and Crazy Crowds: Stila Glitz and Glam Palette

A few weeks ago, I found myself impulse buying a makeup palette. This, for the record, is not something I generally do. I'm a research, look at it, hem and haw, look at it again, research some more, justify the heck out of it, and eventually go back and get it, if it's still there and has gone on sale kind of girl. However, this was just too good to pass up: a Stila mini palette with four plummy shadows, neutral blush, highlighter, and full-sized lip glaze for $14. How could that get any better?!
It could go on sale for $10. That's how.

Figures. Anyhoo, the Stila Glitz and Glam palette is part of Sephora's Black Friday sale, and I'm going to cut to the chase and recommend it. I've used mine several times and received some really nice compliments. That's the short. Here's the long:

Packaging: The palette is constructed of heavy-duty cardboard (think: Golden Book) and opens to reveal a small mirror and instruction guide on one side, and products on the other. The entire setup is the size of my DROID, and fits neatly in a purse. Lip Glaze packaged separately in a click pen. I hate click pens, but that's just me.

The four shadows are large, and blush and highlighter are similar in size to a CoverGirl compact. My only gripe is that the blush and darker shadows are so close together that I have accidentally ended up with purple cheeks, so be careful. 7 out of 10.

Products: The shadows (champagne, rose gold, plummy fawn, and dark grape) are sheer, but nicely pigmented and silky, and work together beautifully. There is some shimmer, but not enough glitter to make this too teenybopper or inappropriate for the workplace. Heck, I wore these to church last week and got more compliments there than anywhere else.

The blush (dusty rose) is also very sheer, and pale as I am, I have to pile it on. However, the built up color is stunning. The highlighter is colorless, but imparts a subtle sparkle to applied areas.
Lastly, the raisin lip glaze, while my least favorite of the group due to it's stickiness, is a lovely deep crimson that can be applied lightly or deepened, depending on the occasion. The overall effect of the set is sophisticated and elegant. 8 out of 10.

Wearability: Overall, this is a gorgeous set, but you will need to do a bit more than the included directions let on. Obviously, you'll need foundation and powder, but I'd also recommend a black or deep purple shadow liner, top and bottom, and black mascara, top and bottom. I also like to add a little contouring to my cheek bones with a light bronzer.

With or without the additions, this is an immensely wearable set; appropriate enough for holiday parties or Christmas Mass. The colors also work well alone. You're getting a lot for your tenner, that's for sure. 9 out if 10.

Final Verdict: 8.7. You'd be crazy to pass this up.

UPDATE: These are super sheer, so they don't show up too well on camera, sorry to say. That, and I suck at photography. Also, sorry to say. From left to right: Glitz (good luck finding it), Glam, Glitter, Glow, Amore blush, and Illuminate highlighter (again, good luck finding it). 

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  1. The price is so great! I hope to see the swatch of it.


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