Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide: The New Mommy

For a couple of years there, I couldn't throw a stick without hitting a bride (not that I've ever run into a bride I'd like to beat with a stick, and let's stay focused, shall we?). My guest room closet has become a sort of shrine (or sepulcher) to bridesmaid dresses past, with dust-covered satin and chiffon shrouding layers of forgotten tulle and beading. Miss Haversham would feel right at home, I'll tell you that.

However, these days, the receptions and rice have segued into ultrasounds and storks as, two-by-two, all my friends change their Facebook statuses to, "We're Expecting!!" and their names to "Mommy" and "Daddy". This is a brave new world I'm entering into, and I have no idea how to handle the territory.

I have a feeling that most of you in my age bracket (25-35) are finding yourselves buying for new or soon-to-be mommies this Christmas. Am I right? One thing I have noticed is that Mommy tends to be lost in the shuffle. Everyone wants to see the newborn baby or feel Mom's tummy for a kick, and folks bring over tons of presents for the little angel. Dads get slaps on the back and congratulations, but are generally treated about the same as usual. It's just poor Mom (you know, the one doing all the work and wrecking her figure) who tends to be overlooked. This irritates me. I know I'm totally guilty of it, myself, but I'm going to work on that.

With this resolution, I give you the Gift Guide for the new/soon-to-be Mommy. These are specifically for Mommy as a woman, an individual, and a cherished part of your life. There is more to Mommy than just being "Mommy". Ask your own Mom, and I bet she'll agree.

She is Mommy. Hear her roar.

Photo Credit: Sephora
First off, hormones going crazy = skin going crazy. Give Mom a little TLC with this set from Philosophy. Purity face cleanser and Hope in a Jar moisturizer to balance things out, and Pure Grace shower gel and body lotion for a light fragrance that's not too strong for baby. $30, Sephora.

Photo Credit: diaperbags.com
Okay, technically this is for baby, but Mom's the one who has to carry it around. If you're going to have a diaper bag, you might as well have one with a little style. This is for the Mom who pushes the stroller while wearing Manolo's. Incredibly chic, and roomy enough for everything li'l bit could possible require. A little pricey, but well worth it for all the use it'll get. $127.98, diaperbags.com.

Lastly, Mom may be a mom, but she's still a woman and could probably use a little pick-me-up after all those sleepless nights (pre- and post-baby). Stuff her stocking with a gift certificate to JewelMint, so she can pick out just the right piece of jewelry to help her get back her sparkle. $29.99-$179.94, jewelmint.com.

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  1. preach, sister. our friend who had the baby last year had it worse because the dad wasn't around. for awhile, it was literally all about the baby, and she totally got lost in the shuffle.

    the man was actually the one who kept paying attention to her instead of the baby. now, maybe it was his dread fear of the infant, but whatever the reason, she LOVES him for it.


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