Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Time To Meet the Muppets

Photo Credit: All Lacquered Up

I am in so much trouble.

I thought it was bad when I realized I could use on my phone. Then, I thought it couldn't get any worse when the J.C. Penney across from my apartment added a mini-Sephora. I was wrong.

A great, big, shiny, gorgeous, brand-spanking-new Ulta opened up at the mall. It's walking distance from my door. No good can come of this.

Case in point: guess what's brand new, and only mere feet away--Muppet nailpolish from OPI! That's right; MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!! And it's all glittery!!!!! I am going to be so unbelievably broke...

The shades (everything from neutral bronze and safe berries on to blue, green, and rainbow confetti) carry names like "Warm and Fozzie", "Meep-Meep-Meep", "Excuse Moi", and "Rainbow Connection". Check out OPI's website to virtually try-on the colors and find retailers near you. 

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