Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It' Angel?

Photo Credit (All): CBS News
I'm a bad blogger. I didn't watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night. I am so sorry.

To be fair, I had two boys in my house, and they really needed to focus on script re-writes for the next film we'd like to make. It's a great script, but there were a couple of minor details that caused some hang-ups, and they needed to be ironed out. The last thing they needed was a fashion show full of scantily-clad supermodels.

Oh--you didn't think they'd watch it?! Oh, good Lord, no! I think we can all agree that there's very little "sexy" about the VS Fashion Show. They'd be distracted by me, jumping up and down on the couch screaming, "Oh my God, that is so cute!! Thomas, look! Isn't her hair just precious?! I love those wings!! Wow!! Look at that!!"

No work would have gotten done.

So, in the interest of filmmaking, I skipped the show. I did, however, catch up with pictures this morning, and was especially intrigued by the Superhero segment. No, I did not say it was my favorite segment. In fact, it's probably my least favorite, but I did find it interesting.

The Good

1. You could see the products. Several of the other segments costumes covered the actual items found in stores. Feathers, jewels, and fountains of lace--while breathtaking--obscured the available garments to the point that I wondered why we were even bothering with a fashion show. The Superhero segment incorporated the bras and panties into the overall design, and I really appreciated that effort.

2. I thought that the choice to go with candy-colored costumes that looked as if they had been pulled off of a comic book page, instead of copying the more realistic styles found in today's movies was a smart one. By going with the more illustrated design, they avoided making the girls look like they were modeling "sassy" Halloween costumes. All in all, it was a more fashion forward decision.

The Bad

1. While the costumes were highly stylized, the girls hair and makeup were not. I understand that there's no time for that kind of change during a fashion show, but the finished look, well, wasn't. Gorgeous girls, though, so I guess being a little unpolished can be forgiven.

The Ugly

1. Unfortunately, many of the costumes just weren't as creative as they could have been. "Superhero" conjures up so many possibilities, and I felt like this was a missed opportunity. Don't get me wrong--they were very cute costumes, but just a little on the safe side. I got more of a "space-alien-sent-to-make-out-with-Kirk" kind of vibe. Maybe it's just me?

Did any of you watch? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. i think i read the best comment about the whole thing on twitter: "great! now i know what to buy for the 6'2" 81-pound lady in my life!"

    but it did remind me that i could use a new brassiere...


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