Monday, November 28, 2011

My Own Magnetic Marvel and Some Random Observations

Months ago, I posted about this brilliant makeup magnet board I found at Laura Thoughts. Well, as it turned out, my ten year-old, might-as-well-be-blood niece (who shall remain nameless, since she Googles herself constantly) needed something to get all of her glitter lip gloss and hair ribbons up off of the floor. Guess what she's getting for Christmas!

The camera on my phone really sucks.
 Yeah, I made that. Go ahead, be impressed. I'll give you a second to take it all in.

Truth be told, once I had all of the pieces, the whole thing took maybe half an hour to put together, and that's only because I had to stop to play with all of the cute little glitter skulls and sparkly rhinestones (and you should have seen my precious husband trying to help pick out girly fabric and shiny decorations! He's a good boy, that one. I think I'll keep him).

Here's the breakdown:
  • The frame and glitter spray paint were on sale at Michael's. I replaced the glass with...
  • Sheet metal from Lowe's. It comes pre-cut, so I got an 18x12 to fit the frame perfectly. Then...
  • The fabric was a pre-cut scrap from JoAnn's. Seriously, I never picked up scissors for this thing. Instead of using adhesive, I simply taped the fabric onto the metal so my niece can switch it out if she changes favorite colors again.
  • The chain for her hair ribbons, skulls, and foam initial were also on sale at Michael's. I hot glued the skulls in place, and the chain and initial onto strong magnets from JoAnn's.
  • The rhinestone accents were some I already had, and came from Michael's. They're also hot glued on.
  • The End. Easy Peasy.
I won't say the total cost, because the niece's mom reads this, and also because it will vary from board to board, since not all decorations are equal. I'm just so tickled at how cute it turned out, and really hope the li'l bit likes it. If not...dibs!

In other news, recently, I've run across some items that, while I've formed definite opinions, didn't really warrant whole reviews. Considering it's stocking stuffer season, and these fit that description, I thought I'd give some nutshell overviews of a few of these products:

Urban Decay Lip Junkie: I'm currently obsessed with this product, especially the color "Naked", but there are lots of great lip glosses out there. What makes this special? Well, I looked in the mirror this morning and was actually startled at how much my lips had plumped up since I started wearing this almost daily. It is noticeably different. This is one lip plumper that really does work. And with that, I am now re-evaluating my thoughts on Bigfoot, Nessie, and the Easter Bunny. $19, Sephora.

Olay Total Effects Body Wash: Skip it. It's oily, oddly textured, and broke me out. Plus, it smells weird. Strangely, it has great reviews, but my personal experience (over several weeks) doesn't jive. $6.79, Ulta.

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer: Tried them both. You know what I said about the Olay? See above and save yourself some trouble. I'd never thrown away full bottles before, but there was no one I disliked enough to pawn them off on. $9.99-$14.99, Ulta. (By the way, I really like Ulta! It's just chance that the two things I didn't like could be found there! I promise!!! We just got an Ulta, and I may move into it!!)

Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara: This is really cool. Because the brush has adjustable lengths, you get three mascaras in one. You can use the long brush for volume, shorten it for length, or use both for length and volume. Ingenious, and with the same great Buxom formula and pigmentation you've grown to love. $22, Sephora.

Lastly, Blogger has decided that I don't have permission to comment on my own blog. I guess I did something wrong, and I'm being grounded. Well, I won't stand for it! I'm rebelling and sharing my comments right here! So there!

Christine: Welcome aboard! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog, and bless your heart for thinking I'm funny! I hope you enjoy your Unii palette, just please make sure to keep a tissue folded in it. It'll help with shifting during travel, and will also keep dust off the mirror.

Noniek: I really wanted to do some swatches, but the lighting I had to deal with was so bad (as evidenced by the photos I did take) that it seemed pointless. I do plan to go back and add some, though, so please check back soon!

Alrighty! I think that makes up for the long weekend, wouldn't you say?! I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Weekend. Stick around for some holiday ideas and gift guides!

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