Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gift Guide: The Stylist

As I type, I'm wearing shredded jeans, an old gray t-shirt, almost zero makeup, and holey ancient Skechers, Batman. Oh--and my hair is a total mess that wouldn't even stay in a clip.

I know you want me...*sigh*

I'm probably the last person on the planet who should be writing about beauty and fashion, right now. Normally, I'm slightly more together than this (key word: slightly), but this morning I had to go help some sound technicians set levels at the Church because we nearly killed the parishoners with feedback at 8 am Mass last Sunday, and...well, that's another story, nevermind. The point is, whether or not I practice what I preach, I do know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't, and you know what doesn't work? Disorganization. When your closet is so cluttered that you don't even know what you have, how can you put together a top-notch outfit?

Says the girl whose shoe rack, literally, imploded yesterday. *sigh*

If you have a friend, relative, significant other--whatever--who's a bit of a fashionista, I've got a couple of gift ideas that will keep their designer duds in tip top form.

1) This Whitmor Chrome Supreme shoe rack holds up to fifty pairs of shoes or shoeboxes, and can roll wherever they need it to go. This is *not* the shoe rack that currently litters the floor of my closet, by the way. $69.95, Amazon.

2) I actually own this makeup case, and can attest to its awesomeness. Durable, roomy, with adjustable dividers for customized organization. This is also about as large a case as you can get without wheels. I'm planning to order a second one after Christmas for Fighting Owl Films growing makeup supply. This can easily accomodate all of our greasepaints, effects makeup, hair supplies, and a squeeze bottle of blood. 'Cause, we all need that. Right? $49.38, Overstock.

3) Now, here's a jewelry organizer that I haven't tried, but the design is ingenious. This is a thin mesh panel that can be hung up pretty much anywhere. Earrings can either hang on the front, or be stored in rolls at the bottom. Rings also stash in the roll, and necklaces and bracelets dangle from hooks. No counter or dresser space required! $19.99, Bed Bath and Beyond.

P.S. There were pictures. They were really nice. Blogger ate them.

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