Monday, July 12, 2010


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I like to think I'm somewhat adventurous. Granted, the two times I went hiking were both completely on accident, I'm not even slightly interested in camping, and I have a tendency to inhale bug spray as I'm applying it (not recommended). But I like trying new things. In the comfort of my own home. In air-conditioning. And by new things, I mean Ben & Jerry's flavors and lipgloss. Yeah.

Okay, for about thirty seconds, I had myself convinced I was adventurous. I had probably tasted something fancy and highly caffeinated in the moments leading up to this. Anyway, in that thirty seconds, I decided to sign up for this thing called BzzAgent. It's a word of mouth advertising company. Basically, they send me a product, I try it out, decide how I feel about it (good or bad), and then tell other people what I think and report back to the agency. I thought, "I like new things! I'm opinionated! This'll be fun!" and signed right up.

And it is fun. It's about as much adventure as my little heart can take. I never know when a new campaign will pop up, or what it will be about. Then, I get to wait for the post office to deliver my special package, and then I get to play with whatever is inside. It's like Christmas! Plus--they send coupons for me to share with my friends and family. It's like being on a roller-coaster! Okay, not-so-much, but it works for me, and I can't recommend it enough.

So, right now, I'm working on the Got2b Smooth Operator campaign, and it's pretty neat. I've tried a really good chunk of the line (a few new things came out after I signed up, and I haven't seen them in town, yet), and while I'm not crazy about most of the products, I've become a big fan of the hairspray.

You see, most of the products are okay in small doses--heck, the smoothing lotion is fantastic at smoothing down frizzies--but over time, they really dry out your hair. I would love to recommend it, but only for very limited use. The mousse actually made my hair frizzier, if that's possible. I have thick, wavy hair and live in 1000% humidity, I really didn't think ANYTHING could make my hair frizz more.

However, the hairspray is a little bit of liquid gold. Seriously, it's made its way into my full-time arsenal. It's a lightweight finishing spray that helps smooth existing flyaways and prevent new ones. I don't know how it works, all I know is that it does work. Remember, though, this is not going to keep your bridesmaid's up-do in place all by itself. It's not that heavy-duty. This is more for keeping that cute, purposely messy pony-tail from getting out of hand, or making sure your loose beach waves don't 'fro out during the walk from your car to the mall. I pretty much just fix my hair how I want, with whatever products I would normally use, then lightly mist this over the finished style. It's a little extra hold, a little extra shine, and lot of help keeping things neat and tidy.

So, here's the breakdown:

Pros: Cute as a button packaging. Does what it says, for the most part. Pleasant, but not overpowering fragrance. Affordable price point ($6.29 at CVS). Hairspray is magic.

Cons: Mousse and lotion dry your hair over time. Mousse makes your hair frizzier (well, mine, anyway).

All in all, I'd give the group a 4.5 out of 10, with the mousse getting a 1, the lotion getting a 5, and the hairspray getting a 7 (magic that it is, a little more hold would be nice).

Alrighty, that's enough adventure for one day. Now, where's my blue blanket...

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