Friday, July 23, 2010

Cute Hoots

Part of the fun of being a movie producer (or the lady who happens to be married to the movie director) is paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Lists of actors, crew, phone numbers, addresses, bios, emails, costume sizes, food allergies, props, agents, distributors, festivals, arts associations, film associations, locations, location managers, scheduling conflicts, etc. There are schedule revisions and scene revisions; blogs to write, and buzz to keep track of; photos to bind and press releases to proof. Paper here, paper there! Paper! Paper, everywhere!

My newest task is to start on thank you notes. I'm compiling a (rather sizable) list of all the people and organizations that helped make The Night Shift happen, and while Thomas edits, I'll write.

We have a very (very, very, very) limited budget, so I'm probably just going to end up grabbing whatever bulk thank you notes I can find on sale. However, a girl can dream, and in those dreams, we can afford adorable thank you notes that reflect the film company, Fighting Owl Films, and our quirky vision.

Dream with me, folks.
Photo by Peter Pauper Press
This little cutey comes from Peter Pauper Press, and is available in a pack of 14, with 15 matching envelopes. I love the circus-like stripes and the bright Autumn colors, and I especially love the confused look on the owl's face. Trust me, all of us Fighting Owls look like that right about now. It's very sweet, but fun at the same time. Amazon, $8.99.

Photo by designedbyme
This one really makes me think of Halloween. I think it's all the orange. In any case, it's absolutely precious. From designedbyme on Etsy, this one grabbed me with her daisy-shaped eyes and polka-dotted wings. The swirls of color give the tree branch a magical, whimsical feel, and I really want some individually wrapped, x-ray-scanned candy now. And some cocoa. Yeah...cocoa...mmmm. Set of 8 with matching orange envelopes. Etsy, $16.

Photo by Sweetprintsshop
As is, this little sweetie seems more suited for a baby shower than a film company, but the colors and font are customizable to your particular needs. With a red owl on a taupe background, we'd have a very nice, professional looking note card, and I would be a happy, happy camper. From sweetprintsshop on Etsy. Set of 10 with matching envelopes. Etsy, $12.

Now, you have no excuse not to do as Emily Post and your momma told you. Write some thank you's, darn it!

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