Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pass the Pushpins

The poster artist for The Night Shift sent Thomas a look at the nearly finished movie artwork, and I'm so excited right now, I can barely stand it.

Kyle Henry is amazing. I've never actually met the man, but I want to hug him. Thomas and I are both big fans of hand-drawn movie posters, and could think of nothing more fitting to capture the nostalgic 80s adventure-comedy feel of The Night Shift than a good old-fashioned hand-drawn poster. Kyle, you nailed it.

Photo by Kyle Henry

Now, there's still quite a bit left to do on this, and you can follow that work, and see the progression up to this point at Kyle's blog. I can't get over the detail in the faces, or how much the cemetery looks like our locations. Thanks, Kyle!!

So, if this has piqued your interest in movie poster art, might I suggest you try these on for size?
Photo br L.A. Artwork
How cute is this? L.A. Artwork, $19.99. This is a digitally restored giclee on canvas. You don't get much higher quality than that. On top of that, you have the iconic Veronica Lake (with her trademark hairstyle), plus adorable cartoon art mixed with lovely portrait work. Totally period, totally sweet.

Photo by Amazon

Here, we have the classic beauty and the beast tale. Goregous Fay Wray (in shredded nightie, no less), struggling to get away from a rightly smitten monkey man. I love the look on Kong's face, by the way. Beautiful artwork, prominent R.K.O. logo--a lithograph suitable for framing. Amazon, $20.

Photo by Amazon

I dare you to put this by your mirror! Get ready for your close-up with Norma Desmond! This poster is a replica of those from the German release of Sunset Boulevard, starring the often imitated, but never duplicated Gloria Swanson. Never before has derangement been so glamorous! Amazon, $8.99.
Photo by Amazon
Alrighty, this last one isn't exactly a movie poster, but how cool! It's a collage of some of Hitchcock's most popular works. It's by artist Justin Reed, and I think it's downright brilliant. I think my favorite bits are the bird painting in the back, and Norman Bates coming through the door on the far left. Amazon, $6.99.

Posters: they're not just for dorm rooms, anymore.


  1. Hi, Erin. It was great to work on the poster. Your expressions are perfect. I look forward to getting this film when it's done, and kicking back with a big bowl of popcorn!

  2. Thank you so much, Kyle! It's just gorgeous (and getting some nice internet buzz, too). You are amazingly talented, and we all hope you like the movie. :)


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