Friday, July 2, 2010

I Have an Excuse!

Okay, I was really bad. I somehow managed to spend enough money at Sephora this year to qualify as a V.I.B.--the premium level of their rewards program. Oh. Dear. God.

In my defense, I only bought all that stuff in an attempt to reverse the damage the movie was doing to my hair and skin. Yeah, that's it.

Honestly, though, my hair was straw. You try getting pin-up hair to stay all cutesy-sweetsy and curled in 1000% humidity. It takes a lot of gel and hairspray (and prayer) to do that. I did manage, though, to find some stuff that not only helped fix the damage, but has actually made my hair even softer than I thought possible. It's also not so weighed down that it can't hold a curl. This stuff is magic. Oh--and Mom, don't freak out at the price. I got the individual travel-sized--not the set--and I'm waiting for a sale to get the full-sized versions. Also, I'm eating my vegetables. I promise.
Photo by Sephora
Frederic Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Travel Faves. $43 at

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