Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little Darlings

Photo by Sephora
In an attempt to justify my latest Sephora binge, I thought I'd highlight a couple of my new favorite things. These have the requisite adorable packaging, but are also just really darn good products, and, best of all, have sweet prices to boot.

Here we have Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous, and it's
easily the best foundation (although it's actually called a "foundation faker") I've ever used. It goes on like a cream, blends beautifully, and dries to a powder finish. I don't know about you, but living in the extreme humidity, the last thing I want is a heavy foundation that's going to melt off as soon as I walk through the door. I've tried tinted moisturizers, and only ended up shiny and greasy. Gorgeous is just enough foundation to, as I'm wont to say, keep you from scaring small children. I have used it by itself, over a light primer (Benefit's That Gal), and with just a dusting of powder to set it. In all three cases, I haven't had to so much as touch it up during the day. Plus, I think the record player
case is about as precious as you can get. A full size at Sephora, with mirror and application sponge nestled inside, will run you about $28. A trial size (pictured) is $9, or you can pony up an extra buck and get the Benefit To Go Bestsellers--a combination set with trial sizes of Gorgeous, That Gal, High Beam (a highlighter cream) and Posietint (a liquid blush/lipstain).

Next up is Buxom's Big & Healthy Lip Balm. It looks like a beach ball, but a really sophisticated beach ball--all silvery with an inlaid floral motif. Personally, I love the round shape, because it makes it easier for me to find floating around in my purse, and really, anything that can be
Photo by Sephora

found easily in that dark and terrifying void automatically gets put on my happy list. Anyway, back on topic, the lid twists off, and inside the lid is a surprisingly high quality mirror--a major plus for convenience--and the brightest, scariest color balm you will ever see. Seriously, it's a little off-putting at first, but don't let it run you off. Just hold my hand, take a deep breath, and we'll get through this together. The color goes on totally sheer. My favorite, Bora Bora, is a bright cherry red in the pot, but goes on just red enough to really accentuate my natural lip color. I think it's perfect for that natural look that's all the rage in the Summer. As with all Buxom lip products, it is supposed to plump up the lips. I can't really say that it does that all that well, but the tingling feels really nice, and it has a strong, but pleasant mint flavor. At $15, it's not the cheapest on the market, but for the amount you get (and a little goes a long way), it's not terrible, either.

So, those are my poolside picks for Fourth of July. No, they're not waterproof, but I have no intention of actually getting in the pool. Then again, my husband and brother are fond of water guns...any suggestions for a good waterproof mascara?

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