Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visions of...AAAAHHHH!!

Wednesday is singing day. I have my voice lesson in the morning, then in the evening after work, I run off to rehearse for my second gig--and a terrific one for a young professional (I'm a very lucky little soprano)--as a church soloist.

This is the day I most often find myself humming Gounod and Donizetti, and since my lessons are at my alma mater, fondly remembering rushing around the halls, dressed as The Queen of the Night or Yum-Yum. I loved the random "evening gown afternoons" when we had formal recitals during weekdays for some odd reason or another. Nothing like putting on taffeta, sequins, and full makeup at 2pm on a Tuesday.

 So, with visions of wait, wrong fine, suicidal geishas? No. Um...two-timing gypsy tramps? Wow. No. Geez...innocents accidentally murdered by their hunchback fathers? Good Lord, these composers were psychotic!! So, um, with visions of...ahem...singer people in fancy costumes (yeah, that's the ticket!) dancing in my head, I hit the Met Opera website to gawk at all the pretties in the gift shop. I thought this travel makeup bag was too cute for words, and actually a practical find. At $18, it's also one of the more affordable items available. It sure would have come in handy on Taffeta Tuesdays, and may have to come to my house before my next trip out of town.
Photo by Metropolitan Opera

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