Sunday, July 4, 2010

...and Ice Cream?

I was doomed. Both my parents were into it. I grew up around it, and even started experimenting as a tween. It's all over TV and the Internet these days, and now, my best friend and even my husband are doing it. It had to happen. It was fate.

I had to become an amateur cake decorator. Blast! Why couldn't I pick a less expensive hobby, like horse racing or yachting?

Each year, the kind folks at Threadless tees sponsor an online cake decorating contest, Threadcakes. Basically, you pick a Threadless t-shirt, design a cake around it, bake it, decorate it, and send in tons of pictures. After all entries are in, their celebrity judges panel picks a winner. Last year was my first year, and while I didn't win, I have to say, I was fairly impressed with my entry.

So, today, I sat down to pick out a fantastic entry to top last year's, and while I was there, thought I'd check out Fourth of July t-shirts. This one cracked me up, so I had to share it with you.

Photos by Threadless

IT'S A ROBOT CHASING PAUL REVERE!!!!! If that doesn't make your heart swell with patriotic pride, I don't know what will. Happy Birthday, America!!!! Now, how 'bout some cake?

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