Tuesday, July 20, 2010

But Will it Cook Me Dinner and Do My Taxes?

Photo by Uber-Luxe
This purse is $109,500.00. Yeah. You read that right. This purse is worth more than six (6) times the price of my car. I could get up on my soap box right now and talk about how that is a criminally insane amount of money to spend on an accessory; how there are starving children and homeless puppies, or that money could be better spent fixing the oil leak, or whathaveyou. Or that you shouldn't measure your worth (or anyone else's) by a handbag, coffee cup, or mode of transportation, but I won't. I will say this: Perspective, people. Get some.

Also this: it sure is cute.

I was relatively unaware of this handbag. Aside from knowing some useless Gilmore Girls trivia about Rory receiving a bag from Logan, I knew nothing about the brand (Hermes), the style (Birkin), or the price range (whoa, Nelly!), and really, my life was no worse off. I only came across it by accident while looking up stuff for the post on my bird. I typed BIRD into Google, and BIRKIN popped up. Whoops.

Since then, I've been fascinated by the bag and its mystique. A book was even written about getting on the waiting list for one. People go crazy for this thing.

It sure is cute.

So, with that, whether you're like me and think it's cute, but would never in a million years spend that kind of money on a purse; or your life will be incomplete until you own a Birkin bag of your very own, here are some options:

Photo by Princess Purse

Photo by Luxevoute
This is a reasonable alternative to the gold Hermes bag. Please note: This is not a sketchy knock-off. Hermes is not losing any money because someone bought this believing it to be a true Birkin, nor was it made illegally. It is a designer-inspired look, but not a direct copy. Nowhere on the bag is a Hermes logo. It's a similar style so that a Birkin fan could be happy carrying it to the coffee shop, and at $19.50, still be able to afford the coffee. You could buy 5,615 of this purse for one of the purse at the top of the post. Just sayin'. Okay, this is a real Birkin. It's on clearance for $1,195.00 If you have that and want to spend it on a purse, more power to you. Here it is.
Photo by Jacco Fashion
This would be my personal favorite of the group. I'm sorry I couldn't find a bigger picture of this, but my computer is being fussy. Who knows, one day I may treat myself to this bag. I always like to buy a good, new handbag in the Fall. This could be that bag. At $63.99, it's a little more than I usually go, but nowhere near $1,195.00. They're not identical--and they shouldn't be--but it's close enough that I can tote a cute, stylish bag, sans mortgage.

So, there you go. Links to the real ones, links to the similar bags, links all around. But if you blow your inheritance on that top bag, don't blame me. It sure is cute, though.


  1. Well, in a million years, I could never afford that top bag... but you are right, it sure is cute.

  2. It's a house. I was flabbergasted.


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